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Web Design

Having a web presence is important in today’s world. It not only improves your visibility to a wider audience but it also solidifies your standing in your industry. It highlights you as a serious business, let me help you design a dynamic and engaging website.


Malicious software and malware can often bring work to a complete standstill for users, the situation can become even more dire if it’s not taken care of in a timely manner. Don’t let viruses run rampant through your computer systems. Safeguard your systems today! 

Business Computers

It’s important to have the right hardware for you and your employees, this is the foundation of your business solution. I have been building custom purpose computers for various applications over the years, let me apply my experience to your office.

Surveillance and Security

Being able to safeguard your property is invaluable. The mere presence of a camera often is a good enough deterrent for would be criminals. Having recorded video after vandalism will protect your property and belongings!


People may sometimes overlook the critical necessity that is the network at small business offices, however the benefits of having such a network outweigh the time it takes to set it up. Being able to share files and collaborate efficiently between co-workers is a cornerstone.

IT Solutions

With over a decade of experience in various roles I am a Jack-of-all-trades, from printers and phone systems to servers and networking. I can work with you to figure out a solution when it comes to your computer systems or possible upgrades. Contact me today!


“I can say Matt is reliable, conscientious, dedicated, trustworthy, honest and hard working. He seems to have a complete knowledge of his work, and has helped solve any IT problems we have encountered. “

-Jim Ritterhoff, President of Simms Management

“Exceptional service! Great communication and fixed all problems in a timely fashion. Highly recommended!


-Nicole Ludemann, Spinnaker Cove Apartments




Dayton, Ohio

I am located just outside the greater Dayton metropolitan area,  and there are many suitable places for business meetings. Email or call me and schedule a time to meet.

Should you have questions, concerns, or inquires about a services please feel free to send me an email, I check them regularly and will reply promptly.


Available 9a-5p Monday through Friday freely; On Saturdays I am available by schedule. Please be sure to leave me a voicemail if I can’t come to the phone, I’ll call you back as soon as possible.